Saturday Salvation 08.04.18


CrossFit Mile Zero – CrossFit


Saturday Salvations are better with a partner…

Metcon (Time)

In Teams of 2 or 3

3 Rounds for Time

30 Calories on Rower

30 Deadlifts (155#/225#)

300 Double-Unders


600m Uneven Farmer’s Carry Cash-Out

(1 35# Dumbbell+1 53# Kettlebell/

1 50# Dumbbell+1 70# Kettlebell)
Teams of 3

3X10 Cals Rower

3X10 Reps DL

3X100 Dubs (or Singles)

Switch partners on Farmers Carry as needed.

Teams of 2

2X15 Cals Rower

2X15 Reps DL

4X75 Dubs (or Singles

Switch partners on Farmers Carry as needed.

Scale loads as needed. Adjust loads between partners if needed. Scale 300 Double-Unders with 300 Single-Unders.

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