CrossFit 07/10/2023

CrossFit Mile Zero – CrossFit

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Clean and Jerk

8x(2+1), Build up to just above the weight you plan to use for the workout.

*Rest on a 90 second Clock*


Workout (Checkmark)


Independence (RX)

Every 1:00 (7 rounds)

Minute 1: 6 Clean and Jerks (115/80)

Minute 2: 15 Wall Balls (14/10)

Minute 3: 35 Double Under


Every 1:00 (7 rounds)

Minute 1: 6 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks (moderately-light)

Minute 2: 10 Wall Balls Thrusters (light)

Minute 3: 50 Single Unders

Target time each set: 20-30 seconds

Time cap each set: 45 seconds

Try to stay consistent round to round. Each segment should be +/- 5 second from round 1 to round 7.

Make sure to emphasize form on Clean and Jerks. Set up each rep like the first and don’t get sloppy.

Aim for Wallballs and Doubles unbroken.

Mobility (No Measure)

Mobility (Checkmark)

1 min foot smash w/ lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min Couch Stretch (each side)

1 min Seal Pose