CrossFit 07/07/2023

CrossFit Mile Zero – CrossFit

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7 sets x 3 Dead Stop Deadlifts, Last 3 Sets @ 70% of 1RM

* Rest 2:00 between sets *

Strict Handstand Push-ups (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Sets:

3-5 Reps (SHSPU)

-Record your total reps-

Scaling Options:

Strict HSPU

Kipping HSPU

Strict HSPU from a box

Pike Push-ups


Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Hand Release Push Ups


Workout (Time)

God Bless America

Independence (RX)

5 Rounds

35 Double Unders

12 Wallballs (20/14)


5 Rounds

50 Single Unders

12 Wallballs (14/10)

Target time: 5-6 minutes

Time cap: 8 minutes

Come out with a hard and challenging pace and do your best to maintain throughout.

The wallballs and jump rope are going to jack your heart rate up. Do your best to keep on moving.

Don’t get caught staring at the wallball.


Mobility (No Measure)

1 min foot smash w/ lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min calf stretch against wall (each side)

1 min foam roll upper back