CrossFit 09/01/2022

CrossFit Mile Zero – CrossFit

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Partner WOD

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

“Cardio Dozen”

Freedom (RX+)

Teams of 2

12 min AMRAP

2000m Run (alt 100s or 200s)

Max GHD’s (Or V-Ups)

-1 min rest-

12 min AMRAP

5000/4000m Bike

Max Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Independence (RX)

Teams of 2

12 min AMRAP

1600m Run (alt 100s or 200s)

V-Ups or Sit Ups

1 min rest

12 min AMRAP

4000/3200m Bike

Max Burpee Box Overs (24/20)


Teams of 2

10 min AMRAP

1500/1200m Row

Max Sit ups

1 min rest

10 min AMRAP

3000/2600m Bike Erg

Max Up Downs + Step Ups

** If you don’t have Bike Ergs, Row 1500/1200m in both AMRAPs

Target number of reps each set:

Workout 1: 75+ reps

Workout 2: 40+ reps

Minimum number of reps before scaling:

Workout 1: 50 reps

Workout 2: 20 reps

Short Bursts over long sustained efforts for Sit Ups/Burpee Box Overs


Metcon (No Measure)

1 min couch stretch (each side)

1 min twisted cross (each side)

30 sec bicep stretch on wall (each side
[Couch Stretch](

[Twisted Cross](

[Bicep Wall Stretch](