CrossFit 03/28/2023

CrossFit Mile Zero – CrossFit

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– 6×5, Last 2 Sets at 60%

* Rest two minutesbetween sets *

Workout (Time)

Cassie Lang

Freedom (RX+)

3 sets:

21-15-9* or 200m-150m-100m Run

Calorie Row


Double Unders

-Rest 3 minutes between sets-

*Women’s calories: 18-12-8

Independence (RX)

3 sets:

16-12-8*or 200m-150m-100m Run

Calorie Row


Double Unders

-Rest 3 minutes between sets-

*Women’s calories: 14-10-6


3 sets:

12-10-8 (10-8-6) Calorie Rowor 150m-100m-50m Run



-Rest 3 minutes between sets-

Target time each set: 3:30-4:30

Time cap each set: 5 minutes

This is a moderate to high intensity workout. Try to find the line between pushing hard, but having the composure for jump rope.

Unbroken Doubles or singles are the goal.

Skills and Drills (Checkmark)

Week 3: Ring Muscle-up Progression


5 sets:

8-10 False Grip Ring Rows (inverted)

– rest 1 minute between sets –


5 sets:

6-8 False Grip Ring Rows (inverted/feet on the ground in front of the rig)

– rest 1 minute between sets –


5 sets:

6-10 Ring Rows (feet lined up under the rig/pull-up bar)

– rest 1 minute between sets –

* Place one foot on a box, walk feet in, closer to the rig for less of an angle.

Mobility (Checkmark)

1 min Calf Smash (each)

1 min Foam roll Hamstrings

1 min Barbell quad smash (each side)