CrossFit – Mon, Apr 1

CrossFit Mile Zero – CrossFit

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Single Arm Dumbbell Press

5×8/8. Build to a moderate/heavy set.

*Complete on a 2:00 Clock



Review Progression:

-Superman/Hollow Hold with PVC

-PVC Sit Ups

-PVC V-Ups

-Beat Swings

-Beat Swings with Lat Activation

-Beat Swings to Chair Pose

-Toes to Bar!


The Phantom Menace (Time)

Freedom (RX+)

3 Rounds for Time

400m Run

15 Shoulder to Overhead (115/80)

12 Toes to Bar

Independence (RX)

3 Rounds for Time

300m Run

15 DB Shoulder to Overhead (35/25)

10 Toes to Bar


3 Rounds for Time

250m Run

15 DB Shoulder to Overhead (light)

10 Hanging Knee Raises

Target time: 10-12 Minutes

Time Cap 14 Minutes

Your first round should be near the 3:00 mark. If you’re way over, scale back the distance on the run/row.

As a buddy, this is your first workout of the week. Dip your toe in the water. There is absolutely no need to go full send on Day 1.

If in doubt, start off lighter and lower than you think you should. You’ll be happy later in the week.


Mobility (No Measure)

1 min seal pose

1 min bicep stretch on wall

1 min tricep lacrosse ball smash (each side)