Mayhem Affiliate 05/25/2023

CrossFit Mile Zero – CrossFit

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Back Squat

8×1-3 Back Squat

* Rest on a 2:00 interval *

Front Squat

8×1-3 Front Squat

* Rest on a 2:00 interval *


Workout (Time)


Freedom (RX+)

4 Rounds

20/16 Calorie Bike or 300m Run

25 Box Step Ups (24/20)

Independence (RX)

4 Rounds

16/13 Calorie Bike or 250m Run

25 Box Step Ups (20/16)


4 Rounds

12/10 Calorie Bike or 200m Run

20 Box Step Ups (20/16)

Target time: 8-10 minutes

Time cap: 14 minutes

Start off each round on the bike hard and settle in to a comfortable pace.

Be ready for your legs to burn on the step ups, but keep pushing.

Extend at the top of each rep on the box, tap at the bottom and get back up!

Overhead Squat

8×1-3 Overhead Squat

* Rest on a 2:00 interval *


Mobility (No Measure)

1 min Calf Smash (each)

1 min Foam roll Hamstrings

1 min Barbell quad smash (each side)