CrossFit 06/06/2023

CrossFit Mile Zero – CrossFit

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Russian Kettlebell Swing (5×10 to Moderate/Heavy Weight)

*Build to a moderate weight; stay the same or build across

Focus: Start with the KB on the ground in front of the body. Hike the KB to the hips and use a violent hip extension of the hips to drive the KB to shoulder height. Torso should stay vertical at the top of the swing and lats should be engaged to drive the KB back down. Athlete should make sure that glutes and core are engaged for a solid hollow position at apex of swing.

Russian Kettlebell Swing

Weighted Pull-ups

Work up to heaviest set of 3 or lowest resistance of bands.

* Rest on a 60 second Clock *


Metcon (Time)

Freedom (RX+)

6 Rounds on a 3:00 Clock

20/16 Calorie Row or 250m Run

20 Box Overs (24/20)

-Rest with Remaining Time-

Independence (RX)

16/12 Calorie Row or 200m Run

16 Box Overs (20/16)

-Rest with Remaining Time-


12/8 Calorie Row or 150m Run

12 Box Overs (20/16)

-Rest with Remaining Time-

Goal is to finish between 1:30 and 2:00

If you finish beyond 2:00 scale back on reps.

This is a moderate to fast intensity, you’ll want the rest to build your engine.

Keep the transition quick from the cardio component to your box.

Score is the slowest round.


Mobility (Checkmark)

1 min Calf Smash (each)

1 min Foam roll Hamstrings

1 min Barbell quad smash (each side)